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CPM will soon become the standard. For as many years as anyone can remember, the fuel efficiency of cars and trucks has been measured in terms of miles per gallon, or MPG. This measurement is about to change. Electric cars for the masses are just around the corner, and all electric vehicles don't use gas, or gallons of any type of fuel. They use battery power, or stored electricity. A miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) will help us do side-by-side comparisons for all vehicles.

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If your car can travel 20 miles on one gallon of gas, you're getting 20 mpg. Whether gas costs $2 per gallon or $5, you still got 20 mpg. At the same time, it costs you more to go 20 miles when gas prices increase. Going 20 miles for $2 bucks is equal to 10 cents per mile. When gas hits $5, your cost per mile (cpm) jumps to 25 cents. With alternative fuel/energy vehicles now hitting the market, some of which don't use gas (petrol), we need a new way to measure mileage, and one that can compare mileage for gas, electric cars, hybrid, and other vehicle types.
Cost Per Mile is CPM

Get ready to see Cost Per Mile and Price Per Mile on window stickers and CPM calculators in cars! The average cost per mile to drive an electric car (calculate my cost per mile) is considerably low when compared to the cost per mile of cars that run on gas. Electric cars run on batteries that are charged  before and during driving. Though the performance may not be as good as the conventional gas fueled cars, the cost per driving mile is lower. Also, the air pollution approaches zero when electric cars are used.

Some well known tips to decrease the cost per mile of your car begin with choosing the best car option for your driving needs. This could be the most effective proactive strategy that could be followed to avoid problems later. For those who already own a vehicle, it is never too late. Proper maintenance of your vehicle results in a lower cost per mile.  There must be a regular check up on the engine, exhaust valves of the car and several other critical parts. The speed of the vehicle can also be reduced at unnecessary times to ensure better performance and fuel economy. This helps to acheive longer life of auto parts due to less wear and tear. Another way to reduce the cost of driving per mile can be realized by choosing a smaller vehicle. There is little justification for buying a gas guzzling sports utility vehicle if your family is just two members. This factor seems simple and obvious, but it is a fact that larger vehicles consume more fuel. Do a car mileage comparison and see for yourself.

Other general issues can be avoided by following simple things. Your cost per mile can be reduced by not using the vehicle when you could use other modes of transportation for shorter distances. The exploitation of the fuel can be avoided for small distances. Statistics show that Aveo from Chevrolet has been voted best for cars in terms of cost per mile calculations when compared to other cars. Surprisingly, the Civic hybrid from Honda was the only hybrid car that managed to be among the top ten in offering affordable cost of driving per mile.

People feel the pain of gas price increases, which is why so many are now talking about vehicle cost per mile. Making the wise choice at the beginning could save you lots of money even if there is a drop in the oil prices. The simple cost per mile of operation could help you gain many other things in life and thus, makes your wish list become more affordable. In calculating the per mile cost, the other factors mentioned above should also be considered for a better choice. For intelligent car buyers and owners, cost per mile is now a factor in choosing the vehicle, just like saving money on insurance. Cleary it isn't advisable to compromise everything else just to gain the lowest cost per mile of your next vehicle. (Note, the CPM for 100% electric vehicles is estimated to be 1 to 5 cents.)

Ask yourself these questions. Do you know what the average cost per mile is when running (driving) your car? Do you know your maintenance and operating cost? If you are in the transport, freight, or trucking industry...you have to. Now, automobile owners and those driving any type of vehicle are looking for a good cpm calculator.

As the automotive industry moves from the gas-guzzling models of yesteryear to the electric cars of tomorrow, consumers will need new ways to compare one vehicle to the next. Considering the visual appeal and size of an automobile is simple enough, and these will continue to be relevant factors once fuel-dependent models are off the road. But what about determining the cost efficiency of a particular model?

How will consumers know which vehicle requires the least amount of money to drive? What will be the new miles per gallon rating? Car MPG comparisons will soon be a thing of the past and the EPA will have to adopt new standards in their place.

In tomorrow’s automotive industry a car’s cost per mile (CPM) rating will be the key number in terms of cost efficiency. Cars will run exclusively on electricity, and as electricity is measured in cents per kilowatt, consumers will be most interested in knowing the car CPM. Just because future automobiles will be much more cost efficient than today’s models does not mean consumers won’t still be interested in knowing just what model is the most efficient.

As the automobile will continue to be the dominant means of transportation in America for years to come, domestic consumers will continue to buy vehicles that are both visually appealing and cost efficient. Our collective infatuation with the automobile isn’t going anywhere. What will change is how we calculate mileage and distinguish the cost efficient from the energy guzzlers. The miles-per-gallon ratings of today are the cost-per-mile ratings of tomorrow.

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